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Full Spine Technique

PALMER TECHNIQUE- Typically referred to adjusting of each area of the spine where a problem is found, recognizing that different levels of spinal nerves go to different areas of your body. Much like the fuse panel in your garage, when one of the circuits trip, you look at the key on the door of your fuse panel to know what area of the house is affected. Realizing that no matter what you do to that area of your house, it doesn't have a chance of working again until you flip the breaker back on. Full spine adjusting works each area of the spine that has a problem in it, and thereby "turns the power back on", allowing that part of the body to function at its best. It is done by hand by your Chiropractor to your specific area of problem.

DROP TABLE TECHNIQUE- We are able to gently adjust areas of your spine with the assistance of a specially designed table that slightly drops when the adjustment is made. This allows for a thourough lighter force and less discomfort adjusting of the problem area.

COX TRACTION/DISTRACTION- Typically for disc related problems as well as for stenosis to the lumbar (low back) area of the spine. It make use of the modern updated COX table to help open up and decompress the area of lumbar disc involvement, allowing a better opportunity for healing and recovery.

UPPER CERVICAL SIDE POSTURE- Research has shown that the upper cervical area of the spine is the an important and effective approach to correcting spinal problems. This technique isolates the upper cervical (upper neck) area and, with light force, makes use of a drop head piece that helps make the necessary correction. Because of the precision of this technique and light force, it can be used in cases where a more delicate approach is needed and also where other techniques may be contraindicated because of other health concerns.